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A decentralized reputation system with a built in payment processing network that gives users 0.2% rewards in the form of the MTH token for every purchase made.A pawn lending platform with traction since 2015 targeted towards the unbanked and underbanked in Southeast Asia.A protocol built on the Ethereum network that defines the relationship between different parties in the gambling industry including players, platform operators, investors and bankrolls, and game developers.A decentralized derivatives exchange built on blockchain technology.A peer to peer personal loan auction platform built on the Ethereum network.ULedger adds Blockchain-certification capabilities to your existing technology infrastructure.

A crowdfunding platform that aims to provide technical, marketing, and eventually legal support for token sales.A visual searching tool for patents, designed to simplify the process of identifying patents and ideas.

A diamond-backed cryptocurrency complete with an economic ecosphere for product purchases and liquidity.Snovio is a lead generation project using blockchain technology.

An accessible prediction market platform enabling the free flow of useful information.BitConnect is an open source platform for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency.Open Longevity is a project that organizes transparent clinical trials of aging therapies.

A decentralized restaurant recommendation platform, providing trustworthy restaurant recommendations and connecting users and restaurants with token-based rewards.Arguably, the bar is higher now because if you want to comprehensively evaluate an ICO, you need to look at some new dimensions instead of just the one about being a.

Services for daily usage in cryptonomy, based on chat-bot technology.TriForce is developing a decentralized community gaming platform and network built on Ethereum.An Ethereum-based content marketplace that facilitates transactions between creators, distributors and consumers with smart contracts.

Washington's New Cryptocurrency Exchange Rules Are Now in

A decentralized energy exchange platform powered by renewable energy.FinShi Capital is the first venture fund formed entirely of cryptocurrency and founded by professional investors.A proof-of-stake, smart-contract compatible protocol that works with both Ethereum and Bitcoin dapps.

BCC Cryptocurrency Exchange Launches in Record Time

A decentralized social travel platform similar to Airbnb in which travelers share their skills with local host businesses.

Spotree is a cybersecurity company that aims to secure and simplify user access to servers, devices, and other resources.A token ecosystem for the internet of content - re-bundling of content to media identity.FootballCoin Announces the ICO of Its XFC Cryptocurrency. blockchain and cryptocurrency projects that opt for an ICO. with a new unique concept and a.We aim to bring value to all parties involved in the advertisement process, including website visitors.

A platform for issuing blockchain-based wills for crypto-assets.

How to Evaluate an Initial Cryptocurrency Offering (ICO)

A social media network based on blockchain technology for Japan.A platform for crowd sourcing risk assessment for personal loans.This upcoming ICO cryptocurrency list promises more explosive price.How to Avoid Being Scammed by a Cryptocurrency ICO. This new digital craze will need to be regulated somehow,.Provides funding, promotion resources to rising tennis stars by decentralizing the sports talent management industry.Crypto-banking platform focused on helping women affect positive change in their communities.