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If you have coins that you might wish to have graded, please send along a list of the coins and their approximate conditions.Also the age of the coin and whether or not it is a key date will have an effect on the error coin.

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Past Auction Values (prices, photos, full descriptions, etc.).From there we can evaluate and then possibly submit the coins.Unfortunately, there are also quite a number of common replicas of Territorial Gold coins.Most Wheat cents are very common, and were produced by the millions and even billions.If the coin fails any one of these tests, it is not authentic.

Circulated War Nickels retail for the price of the silver they contain, roughly 25 to 50 cents each.I am a seller so please call me only buyer and i have also lots off old coins and notes and i w.In some cases the sheet of metal is not plated with nickel and the coins produced from that sheet appear to be grey or silver.

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Authentic pieces are quite collectible and sometimes quite rare.Editions for coins struck in the 17th through 19th centuries are also available.Subscribe to a NumisMaster Coin Price Guide today, and discover what your coin is worth.First reported by collector Bob Ford, of Tucson, AZ, the more unusual varieties have thus far been reported in only the Tucson and San Antonio areas.

You may notice that the 19 in the date are not consistent with either the second 1 or the 3.The devices are almost entirely Greek, and must have been engraved by Greeks, or Indians trained in the Greek traditions.When dates are altered they often feature fine scratches right around the date.A fresh wonderful specimen of this coin showing all the details.As such, you can find details about a coin you are looking for by clicking on the images or links which focus on the types and series of coins.

Currently, common date wheat cents carry a very small premium, in fact only a few cents to a few dollars each, depending on condition and year.One variety of the 2005-D American Bison nickel is drawing a great deal of attention.The Small Date features digits which do not sit higher than one another.Coins constitute part of the evidence that project the transmission of religious and political ideas in the last quarter of the 16th century.These coins were struck in 1975 and 1976 which explains why no 1975 dated Quarters, Halves, or Dollars exist.The coins were so popular around the world and so widely accepted, that they were even legal tender in the US until 1857.

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Unfortunately, there are also quite a number of replicas in existence.

In conjunction with the Sheldon scale, many different designations are also added to coins to describe particular characteristics.If copper or another base metal peeks out from underneath gold plating, the coin is a replica.

Pictured above are the three varieties, each clearly distinguishable by the naked eye.The new composition reduced the amount of nickel and copper in the piece and replaced it with Silver and Manganese.The old term Proof-like designating coins minted specifically for mint sets.On the obverse, it has an Elephant advancing right, and on the reverse, a Lion standing left, with hill to left and swastika above.Find out more about the Top-Rated Seller program - opens in a new window or tab. otto9573.

HOW TO CLEAN COINS to reveal lost dates. using vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to clean dirty old coins is fast and.Machines to elongate cents are common in any areas that are likely to attract tourists.However, their silver content makes them worth more than their face value.India, China and the Arabian peninsula take one hundred million sesterces from our empire per annum at a conservative estimate: that is what our luxuries and women cost us.

In some cases the sheet of metal is not plated with nickel and the coins produced from that sheet appear to be copper.The legends are in the same location as on the 2005 coin, and the script Liberty has been retained.Very few escaped the mint unnoticed, and these are considered very desirable to collectors.