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They do not even bother to pretend they are developing their scam.Sure an expert can assay the metal content of the damaged coin for a fee, so it is durable in that sense.Crypto Double - The anatomy of a Ponzi scheme Raw. The dump of an alt coin to Bitcoins. Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub.Maybe it will be overtaken by another crypto-currency some day.Bottom line - Cloud mining companies are usually always like a casino - the house always wins.A History of Bitcoin. to the open-source codebase in Github. led to millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin theft.Durability: It would seem at first glance that gold and silver would win hands down, but I submit that Bitcoin actually wins.

Other commodities which have historically served as money, such as salt or cigarettes in prisons, only possess a subset of these traits.During the time that a fashion is popular, many clothing and shoe retailers can increasingly profit by serving consumer tastes.Portability: Compared to some other highly valued commodities, gold and silver are quite portable, but when viewed as a money commodity, they are very heavy to transport in any sizable sum.It is open source, and all are free to use it at their own chosen level of participation.I am one of those who believe that bitcoin is a ponzi scheme but.Gold and silver emerged due to a combination of traits which are desirable to have in a money commodity, namely scarcity, portability, uniformity, divisibility, and durability.

In comparison bitcoins are completely uniform, and there is no mechanism by which they can be adulterated in the way precious metals can.

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Also just looking at our cloud mining reviews page you can see the amount of fraud and companies that fail to payout.They could do so because Bitcoin is also a payment system which allows secure peer-to-peer transactions with no third party fees.

This acceptability is a mutually reinforcing process by which people are more willing to accept gold because others are more willing to accept it.Amit Bhardwaj, founder of two bitcoin companies - Gainbitcoin and GBMiners has been accused of running a Bitcoin Ponzi scheme.If we are in the adoption phase of Bitcoin as money, it would be normal for its purchasing power to rapidly increase.Providing breaking cryptocurrency news - focusing on Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, ICOs, prices, blockchain technology, and smart contracts.

One of the ways gold and silver coins were inflated in the past is by debasing them with more common metals.

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However, the Ponzi scheme Wikipedia entry shows that the very definition of a Ponzi scheme does not apply to Bitcoin.

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Given that the market of freely choosing individuals has placed a value on Bitcoin, the burden of proof is on North to show that Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme.As the total already-mined supply increases toward the limit, additional bitcoins can only be mined with ever-increasing difficulty.

Computer programmers can read and even modify the source code.

The existence of a mutually reinforcing cycle of demand is known as a network effect.Anyone can become a Bitcoin miner running software with specialized hardware.Many people use US dollars every day knowing that their purchasing power will very likely continue to dwindle.