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Instead he has worked odd jobs like a poll-taker and substitute teacher.And that exclamation point appears to be a sign of things to come.Newsweek published a 4,500-word cover story claiming Nakamoto is.Researchers design the building blocks of synthetic muscle using computational method.

Newsweek ‘Stands Strongly’ Behind Its Bitcoin Piece

Writer Leah McGrath Goodman said she had discovered the elusive creator of.The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance is gambling that mass-market drivers are going to pivot soon to electric cars, announcing plans Friday to produce 12 new electric models by 2022 and to make electric cars 30 percent.A reclusive engineer fingered by Newsweek as the mystery founder of online crypto-currency Bitcoin denied it Monday, saying he even cancelled his Internet service last year to save money.

India will roll out nearly 100,000 battery-powered buses and autorickshaws onto its sulphurous city streets in the coming weeks, setting it on the bumpy road to making new vehicle sales all-electric by 2030.The man Newsweek claimed is the creator of bitcoin has hired a.

Nakamoto, who studied physics in university and is a model-train hobbyist, added that he had not had steady work as an engineer or programmer for 10 years.Is it the right Satoshi Nakamoto. the elusive creator of the Bitcoin protocol.

Dorian Nakamoto denies Newsweek Bitcoin claims -

Newsweek magazine returned to print this month with a cover story identifying Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto of Temple City, Calif., as the founder of Bitcoin. Mr. Nakamoto.Newsweek seemed to crack the case of who founded Bitcoin at a fortuitous time this week -- just in time for a return to print.The recently relaunched magazine, Newsweek, named the wrong person in a scoop claiming to reveal the creator of Bitcoin.

Last week, Newsweek resurrected its print issue with a splash, featuring a story that claimed to reveal the founder of Bitcoin as a reclusive Californian named Dorian.New black mayors make a difference, one Georgia town at a time.A blurry line divides addicts and dealers in heroin underworld.

Newsweek Says It’s Found Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto

Does Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto have a case against Newsweek

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'Victim' of Newsweek story launches bitcoin fund -

Newsweek reported Thursday it had found the mysterious founder of Bitcoin living in Temple City, Calif.

Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars, bitcoins are issued and.A cover story revealing the founder of Bitcoin is getting pushback.

But there is one piece of the Newsweek story that does fit into one of the more popular conspiracy theories: That Bitcoin was actually created by the NSA, or some.

Newsweek Outting of Bitcoin’s Satoshi Nakamoto Sparks

A reclusive engineer fingered by Newsweek as the mystery founder of online crypto-currency Bitcoin denied it Monday, saying he even cancelled his Internet service.It was on these forums that many expressed anger about the alleged doxxing of Satoshi Nakamoto.When we did connect late on Monday I was told she already filed her story.I am the senior editor for biomedicine for MIT Technology Review.